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A perfect day at the PAL

The 5 best tips

For maximum memories, here are 5 tips to make your PAL day unforgettable!

1. Buy your tickets online

You do not want to wait in the queues at the park's checkouts to buy your tickets? Do not panic, we have the solution!

You can buy your tickets online. No need to go through the crates of the entrance, buy your ticket directly on our website. And besides, you do not need to print them, you just have to download them on your smartphone and present them directly to the controls of the entrance.

2. Buy a Gold ticket

You love the attractions, to get there faster the Gold Ticket is the ticket for you! It includes the entrance ticket but also a priority passage to six attractions. Enjoy the Canadian River, Azteka, the Colorado Descent, The Twist, The Disc of the Sun or the Yukon Quad with a priority passage!

Attention, the offer is limited to 200 per day.

3. Download the PAL application

Our app is here to help you throughout your day. Find all the schedules of shows and animations live, you can also create alerts to not miss anything. You are lost ? Do not panic, the park plan is available. And finally, find all the waiting time of regularly updated attractions to organize your day more easily. Everything to make your life easier and moreover, it's free!

4. Use your Holiday vouchers

Want a greed? Take advantage of your Chèques Vacances at all the restaurants in the park. At the La Coupole Restaurant, the Quai West Cafeteria, the Bangala creperie or all the snacks, we accept them without any problem. Attention all the same, think to make the supplement, we do not make the change.

5. Watch the weather

Do not hesitate to focus on the less sunny days, which are also the least frequented and which will allow you to reach the attractions more quickly.

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