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A little brother for Tommy

Welcome to our newborn!

On Sunday June 27, 2021, a baby seal was born. Her mother Katy gave birth to her during the night, at the quietest moment. Katy and Homer already had a child named Tommy. The latter has just celebrated his 1 year old.

As with the last newborn, the baby will be breastfed by the mother for 2 months. The keepers on their side will give him small fish in order to play with him but especially then to teach him to swallow quickly.

The newborn baby does not yet have a first name because the caregivers are waiting to know the sex. We will have the answer in a few weeks because, since the genitals are internal, the healers must wait for the skin to become tighter.

So far, the baby seal is doing very well. He swam immediately after birth because each newborn is equipped with his wetsuit, the placenta corresponding to his first molt. Come and visit him quickly!


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Come see the baby seal!

Now is the perfect time to come to PAL! the baby seal is waiting for you. Don't hesitate and buy your tickets now.

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