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Partnership with Bourbansais Zoological Park

Contribute to the preservation of meerkats

As part of the European Breeding Program (EEP) aimed at preserving the genetic diversity of species, recently 3 PAL meerkats were transferred to the Bourbansais zoo in Ile et Vilaine (35).

A valuable action for the preservation of meerkats

What is the purpose of this exchange? Like all exchanges organized between zoos, the goal is to avoid consanguinity in the long term by creating new lines, therefore, without family ties between individuals. Ultimately, the objective here is to create a new breeding group at the Bourbansais Zoological Park.
The transfer of our small tenants therefore responds to the recommendations of the European coordinator of the species in the choice to place them in the zoological park of Bourbansais. Namely that this transfer is not the only one on the program. The Bourbansais Zoological Park also welcomes females from another park with a genetically distant line.

To date, 11 meerkats are still housed at the PAL. This group reproduces regularly, so we should soon welcome new little heads...

What is the EEP (European Endangered species Program)?

It is a management program for the most endangered species ex-situ (in animal parks) often indexed to endangered species in-situ (in their natural environment). This program is managed by a committee led by a coordinator who ensures the genetic monitoring of animals so that there is no risk of inbreeding and who implements sustainable management of individuals in the parks through recommendations. transfer, reproduction or non-reproduction.

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