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Born just 3 days apart...

Discover our two little seals

PAL's harbor seal family has grown with the birth of two cubs on July 5 and 7. After Tommy and Ayma were born in June 2020, mums Katy and July gave birth again the same week.

Birth announcements

Born just three days apart, they are just around the corner after just over 11 months in their mother's womb. The two cubs are each about 50cm long and weigh between 4 and 6kg. The birth took place on the beach at Seal Basin and did not require the assistance of our caretakers.

Until the end of the season, our young seals will be nursed by their mothers. Little by little, they will begin their new piscivorous diet consisting of whiting, herring, capelin and other fish that our seals love.

Girls or boys?

That's the question everyone asks... But so far, our keepers have not yet been able to determine the sex of our baby seals. We can't wait to find out so we can give them their cute names. In the meantime, we are launching the predictions...

For the moment, for our greatest happiness the whole family is doing well which delights dad Homer!

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You can learn more about newborn seals and harbor seals every day. Go to the seal basin to discover the supervised educational activity of PAL trainers

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