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Zebras' best friend

A heavy drinker ...

Cape Eland has a large pocket of water under its throat which allows it to regulate its body temperature. Thanks to the articulation of his knee the dominant male can make a noise the "Dic-Doc". This noise is a warning to young males who try to approach the females a little too closely.

Cape Eland moves continuously according to food resources and the presence of water. When water is available it consumes abundantly but it can go without for months. The oldest male will guide the herd and in case of danger he will emit a cry so that his fellows flee. Sometimes herds of females and young associate with herds of zebras because their sensory capacities complement each other.

Due to overhunting and the destruction of its living environment in favor of intensive agriculture, Cape Eland has now disappeared from much of Africa.

  • Habitat

    It is found in Africa, mainly in savannas, in sparse forests and in deserts.

  • Food

    It feeds on leaves, herbs, fruits, bulbs and roots.

Did you know ?

Cape Eland has an excellent sense of hearing and smell and has a very wide field of vision.

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Cape Eland

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