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Living in Alaska, the United States and South America

A species of dabbling duck

Unlike many other ducks, it displays no sexual dimorphism. It is mainly brown in colour, with white cheeks. Half of its bill is black with a red outline, and the other half is grey.

Bahama pintails are found in Alaska, the United States and South America.

Bahama pintails nest on the ground near water. They live in pairs or small groups. They are as comfortable on land as on water and can run quite quickly.

  • Habitat

    Mangroves, brackish waters and estuaries, more rare in freshwater environments

  • Food

    Algae, seeds, buds, leaves, aquatic plants, aquatic insects and snails

Did you know ?

This small duck species can be easily bred as it reproduces quite well in captivity. This has given rise to many mutations created by breeders: albinos, silver, etc.

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Bahama pintail

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