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Daily excursions in accordance with nutritional needs

An highly intelligent animal, capable of using tools

Golden-bellied capuchins live in groups of between 8 and 35 individuals based on a hierarchy, whereby the dominant male defends the group. The unity of the group is strengthened by grooming sessions.

Capuchins are highly intelligent and are among the few animals capable of using tools. They use stones to open nuts.

Capuchins spend their time in the treetops away from predators. They become active before dawn and head off in groups looking for food. The older individuals know how to locate and recognise edible fruit. They plan their daily excursions in accordance with their nutritional needs. They have highly developed vocal chords and emit cries, screams or screeches depending on the circumstances.

Golden-bellied capuchins are found in Guyana and Brazil.

  • Habitat

    Tropical forest and mangroves

  • Food

    Leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, sap and occasionally insects.

Did you know ?

Due to deforestation, no more than 400 golden-bellied capuchins remain in the wild. They are one of the most endangered primate species in the world.

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Golden-bellied capuchin

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