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White and black in color, with a large red bill

The best-known member of the larger stork family

This symbol of birth is faithful and generally nests close to humans, often on chimneys or rooftops. It is a large wader, a magnificent glider and one of the largest migratory birds, able to cover several thousand kilometres to reach its wintering grounds in Africa. It has suffered from hunting and collisions with medium and high voltage electricity lines, but measures of protection adopted in recent years have enabled the white stork to recolonise several regions in France.

White storks nest in Western and Central Europe. They migrate to Africa for the winter.

  • Habitat

    Exposed agricultural zones, marshes and pastures close to Europe's wetlands.

  • Food

    Fish, amphibians, insects, earthworms and small rodents.

Did you know ?

Each year couples refresh their nests, which can be very large and weigh several hundred kilos.

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White stork

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