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Very good endurance

A very good swimmer

The male lechwe cobe has rather thin lyre-shaped horns that can reach 90 cm and form a double curve.

During the mating season the cobes form herds of several individuals, the males will then engage in fights. Outside this period the young males form numerous herds.

Hydroelectric dams are the main causes of the decline of this species, they cause periods of drought as well as the absence of floods, essential to maintain the balance of the cobes. Even hunting and poaching are not so bad for them.

The cobes are perfectly adapted to aquatic life: their long hooves are pointed, they produce oily secretions in large quantities to coat their hairs which allow them to swim more easily. It is only to give birth or to rest that they seek a dry shore.

  • Habitat

    It is found in southern Africa, mainly in floodplains and swampy areas.

  • Food

    It feeds on aquatic plants and grasses.

Did you know ?

The cobes swim with ease and endurance and can completely immerse themselves in case of danger, they only let out their nostrils.

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