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Extinct in nature ...

The most greedy of deer

Father David's stag has a thick mane on its neck and throat. Unlike other deer, its tail is long. Its antlers, imposing and thick, measure about 80 cm, the female, she does not have antlers.

Father David's deer have a great need for energy, they must consume a large amount of grass to meet their needs. In winter, as the grass becomes more scarce, they are led to consume brambles or holly.

Father David's deer live in a family herd for much of the year. During the mating season, the males fight to acquire or keep a harem.

Father David's deer became extinct in its natural environment at the end of the 19th century due to the loss of its habitat and hunting, but it was able to be reintroduced thanks to the populations of zoos and natural parks.

  • Habitat

    It is found in China, mainly in humid and marshy areas.

  • Food

    It feeds on grasses, aquatic plants and young shoots.

Did you know ?

Father David's deer uses hearing, smell and sight to spot a predator.

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Father David's Deer

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