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There are many differences between seals and sea lions...

What is a seal?

Do you know how to recognize a seal when you see one? And a sea lion?
Do you know the main differences between seals and sea lions?
What fish do seals eat?

Find all the answers to these questions in the Seal Educational Presentation. From their lifestyle to their characteristics, including their diet, the keepers explain everything to you!

More questions ? Ask them at the end of the presentation!

When the water rises, the seal moves into the
Did you know ?

When the water rises, the seal moves into the "bow" or "banana" position, keeping the head and fins out of the water while remaining in contact with the sandbank and thus delaying his motion to the very last second.

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Learn more about the animals of the PAL with the animations presented by the trainers. A fun and educational moment for young and old.

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