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One hippo underwater can hide another

The strongest freediver

At tea-time, the hippopotamuses come nearer... take the opportunity to observe them closely. Revel in the way they leave and re-enter the water with disconcerting ease, despite their weight. Witness their enormous apetite, their responses and expressions ... An emotional moment, to share with all the family!

Also take advantage of this privileged moment to learn more about this big animal that everyone adores. With its educational panels and the animal section of its mobile App, Le PAL offers rich and lively content to expand your knowledge and understanding of the animal world. 

Did you know ?

Even underwater, the hippo can see and hear. It can also stay 15 minutes without rising to the surface!

At Pal... The other shows

Learn more about the animals of the PAL with the animations presented by the trainers. A fun and educational moment for young and old.

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