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A very protective mother

An imposing hippo

At Le Pal she lives with Emile, a male born in 1994 and the white pelicans who regularly come to clean their teeth.

Image eats hay, fresh grass, fresh corn (from the local farmer) and vegetables: celery, cucumbers, endives, leeks and salads.

It is heavy and strong and therefore can be dangerous, which is why trainers maintain a constant safety distance. They feed her twice a day. To do this, she goes to the corral and is patient, while they prepare the enclosure and check that there are no security problems (checking the fences, the water level, etc.). She then goes down to the beach (in front of the Lodges) and enjoys a big pile of hay. She also has snacks spread throughout the day.

  • Tête d'hippopotame dans l'eau du lac du zoo Le PAL en Auvergne
  • Hippopotames sur la berge du lac africain du parc animalier Le PAL
  • Tête d'hippopotame sortant de l'eau du lac du parc animalier Le PAL
  • Maman hippopotame et son petit immergé dans l'eau du lac du parc animalier Le PAL en Allier

The caregivers teach him positions and movements that can facilitate the implementation of veterinary care: this is called medical training. This allows them to check, for example, the condition of her teeth and to easily treat her if necessary, or even to perform ultrasounds and x-rays.

When Image has wounds, they resort to thyme honey to disinfect and help healing: a remedy that could not be more natural and effective!

In the spring, the keepers cut her fresh grass every day, and in the summer, they give her large ice cubes with pieces of fruit to keep her cool and entertain.

Image gave birth to a small male in 2018, Paulo, who joined the Fréjus park, in 2020.
Did you know ?

Image gave birth to a small male in 2018, Paulo, who joined the Fréjus park, in 2020.

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