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Hide and seek in the bamboo

She loves her tranquility

Naoki being discreet, she more often occupies the wooded part of her enclosure. She is not easy to observe and she does not like to be fussed. She enjoys the company of her caretakers but… it depends on the day!

His favorite dish is bamboo and more particularly the thin leaves of young bamboo which are found on the yellow canes. Sometimes she can be picky about what she wants to eat.

Until now, she lived with Pyro but she never reproduced.

She is a quiet female who adapts to all situations, even if the healers change her structure or her habits.

Like all red pandaxes, it looks like a large stuffed animal. But contrary to what you might think, red pandas are not tactile.

The healers never lay a hand on Naoki, except for veterinary care. The proof is, this big pair of gloves that they must wear to hold it firmly without it being able to bite or scratch them.

Each year a day is organized (in September) in honor of the red pandas. This is an opportunity to inform visitors about what is happening in its natural environment and to raise some funds to help protect its wild cousins ​​through the CPPR (Knowing and Protecting the Red Panda)!

Naoki is easily recognized by his white face.
Did you know ?

Naoki is easily recognized by his white face.

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