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A very playful mandrill

A great curious

To facilitate the choice of first names, all mandrills born at PAL have a first name that begins with "D" like their mother. Being born during the period of the yellow vests movement, the trainers "made" him this first name which will always allow them to remember his date of birth: Dyellow!

Dyellow lives with Rafiki and Dahia his parents, Dido and Djibou his big brother and his big sister then Douala, the youngest born in 2020.

Still active in both his role of the youngest male and that of a big brother, Dyellow has energy to spare! Sometimes a little abrupt with his little sister, he is often put back in place by his mother.

His hobbies? Playing and stealing his father's food which is not as fast and responsive as it used to be. From time to time he tries crow hunting in the pen, but without much success ...

Find more information on the animal sheet of mandrills and find out more about this species so familiar from cartoons ...

Dyellow is a great player and a great thief, especially with food.
Did you know ?

Dyellow is a great player and a great thief, especially with food.

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