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How tall is the giraffe?

A long animal

The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world! Males can measure up to 5.7 meters taking into account the horns. Females are on average 0.7 to 1 meters shorter than males. The giraffes at birth are 2 meters from the ground at the shoulders, to give an idea, the males having finished their growth are 3.3 meters from the ground at the shoulders.

Everything is long with the giraffe! It has long sturdy legs and the hind legs are shorter than the front ones. This also forces him to adopt a rather bizarre posture to drink water. Indeed, she has to bend or spread her front legs which makes her vulnerable to her predators, luckily she doesn't drink every day! She hydrates herself thanks to the various plants she eats on a daily basis.

His neck measures between 2 and 3 meters and has only 7 vertebrae, just like us! However, unlike us, each is between 25 and 40 centimeters long. They are very useful to him on a daily basis, especially for fighting. The males hit each other with their necks in violent fights before going to seduce the females.

Its long neck allows it to reach the leaves of trees but it is too short to reach the ground! Surprising no?

Which sometimes causes problems...

The large size of the giraffe does not entirely play to its advantage… Indeed, with a head more than 2 meters from the heart, the giraffe has a very powerful cardiovascular system so that its brain is irrigated with oxygen. Its heart has a very large left ventricle and its blood pressure is twice as high as in other mammals, it pumps 60 liters of blood and beats at 170 beats per minute. His heart weighs about 11kg!

Its tail is also long and thin, it can measure up to 1 meter long! The black tuft at the end of its tail allows it to hunt flies and flying insects.

Did you know ? The tallest giraffe ever measured was 5.85 meters tall. This male giraffe is called Maé and is 11 years old.