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14 months in the forest

Ali is safe and sound

Ali, a chimpanzee who disappeared for 14 months in the forest, has returned! Very weakened, Ali will need several weeks to recover, affirms the trainers.

Ali is a chimpanzee who had been held by a private zoo owned by a former senior officer in the Guinean army. The Chimpanzee Conservation Center had rescued him, like Dave, another chimpanzee.

It would be unthinkable for the CCC not to protect chimpanzees, which is why the association is asking for your help. A donation will finance a large enclosure of 7 hectares. Today, around 60 surviving chimpanzees live in the sanctuary. Some future chimps may not find refuge here without your help.

Marco is the last orphan of the CCC. Arrived 3 months ago, he was able to improve his condition, linked to the fractured jaw and his extreme thinness. The meeting with the other chimpanzees went very well. Marco certainly wouldn't have survived without the CCC.

Education is essential to inform young children about the protection of great apes and their territory. That’s why educational programs have been put in place. There are also practical projects, on beekeeping for example. A day of training was given to beekeepers. This provides a sustainable alternative to illegal logging, as beekeepers learn how to harvest honey without killing the bees or destroying the hive.

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You too save the chimpanzees by donating to the Chimpanzee Conservation Center! Every donation counts, so don't hesitate to help them.

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