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New project 2023-2024

Creation of the 1st Elephant Conservation Center in Nepal

Stand Up 4 Elephants (SU4E), a project supported by the PAL Nature Foundation, has been committed since 2014 to the protection and conservation of Asian elephants. If to date, the action of the association has mainly focused on improving the living conditions of captive elephants in the district of Chitwan, which includes 90% of the captive population of Nepal, SU4E wishes to go further. in his approach.

The 1st Asian Elephant Conservation Center in Nepal

In this context, the next step of the association is the creation of the 1st Asian Elephant Conservation Center in Nepal. This center will welcome elephants that are too old, in poor health or abandoned... Eva and Lhamo, 2 elephants from the current SU4E camp, will be among the tenants of the center.

What is the purpose of the center?

This center aims to rehabilitate elephants in their natural environment. To do this, the SU4E team seeks to acquire a patch of jungle large enough to accommodate 15 to 20 elephants. The idea is to find a large area to allow the elephants to roam as they please depending on their state of health.

A mission more complicated than expected

But finding the right land is not easy... Indeed, the teams wish to acquire land near the community forests, but also located at a reasonable distance from an urban center in order to have easy access to the electricity network and to easily bring in government veterinarians.
To the geographical difficulties are added financial difficulties in the search for land. Nepalese land is expensive. Even away from the tourist center you have to count 30,000€/hectare, i.e. a minimum of 150,000€ for the entire plot! A rental of land is possible but only in the short term...

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