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Our Canadian wolves are changing environments!

Immerse yourself in their environment

From April 13th, our north-western wolves are undergoing a change in their environment!

Throughout this year, visitors have been able to see our north-western wolves near the bears and penguins.

As you have probably heard, we were delighted to witness the birth of 3 little wolf pups (2 females and 1 male) on 20 April. 

Le PAL has decided to create a brand new space for the north-western wolves so they can move even closer to their natural environment. So they’re moving house! Beginning on 13 April 2019, visitors will find them between the forest plains (where the nyalas are located) and the elephants. We are preparing a new 10K yr², to be known as Wolf Forest, where they will be able to move around undisturbed.

You can explore the heart of their environment thanks to the panoramic footbridge suspended over Wolf Forest and immerse yourself in a wild and natural space to discover these mysterious animals about whom little is known!

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