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Nina gave birth to a baby elephant ...

Welcome Jack!

Nina, who had mated with Upali almost two years ago, gave birth to her baby this Sunday, May 16 at 5:40 p.m. Little Jack weighed 129.5kg at birth and measured 89cm at the withers. He comes to expand the family and thus keep company with his big brother, Tom, born on March 29, 2016, whom you can also sponsor with the Le PAL Nature Foundation.

The birth went very well and lasted about 30 minutes. Indeed, Nina waited to be alone to give birth to her baby.

How did the gestation go?

Gestation lasted exactly 688 days, in fact in Asian elephants it lasts on average 22 months. It went very well, especially since Nina had a broken foot in 2015.
The caregivers were very present, they monitored her weight, did ultrasounds and everything necessary to ensure the smooth running of Nina's pregnancy.

Can we see him in the park?

Weather permitting, Jack will be present in the animal park alongside the other elephants on June 9, 2021, when the park reopens. He will be able to discover the joys of the large bathing areas and the 2 hectare plain with his fellows: Acra the matriarch of the group, Kavery his grandmother, Nina and Upali his parents as well as Tom his big brother.

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