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Our Cape penguins laid eggs

New little heads on the penguin side

Some small new faces among the penguins

In late July, our African penguins laid their eggs, and since then we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our latest little recruits.

4 baby penguins hatched at the end of August. Splash, Naya, Plouf and Orel were born between 28 August and 16 September, and the latest news is that this morning Maurice broke out of his shell and was officially born this afternoon! One more egg is expected to hatch over the coming days. The names of all our new arrivals were chosen by visitors on Penguin Day, which was organised on 1 July by Fondation Le PAL Nature. Participants were given the chance to sponsor the eggs.

As well as our baby penguins, the beach is now home to 32 adult penguins aged between 4 and 20. Baby penguins reach adulthood at the age of 2, after their second moult when they develop their adult plumage.

There are 10 couples in the enclosure, including Khal (male, 9) & Danerys (female, 9) and Francis (male, 9) & Piama (female, 12). Penguins are extremely loyal animals and lay eggs once or twice a year (2 eggs max. per clutch). The baby develops in the egg for 38 days, nice and cosy under the warmth of its parents.

You will find these latest arrivals opposite the otters, next to the seal show, every day during opening times. They’d love to have a visit from you!

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