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Swinging from branch to branch and rarely on the ground

A superb acrobat

In the treetops, the lar gibbon swings from branch to branch or runs upright, rarely descending to the ground. Their method of locomotion is known as “brachiation”.

Gibbons are superb acrobats and sometimes fall victim to their carelessness when a dead or thin branch breaks under their weight. Indeed, signs of fractured bones have been observed in many captured specimens. They use their arms to swing and their legs, which are shorter and stronger, for the initial leap and landing.

Gibbons live in groups of 2 to 6 individuals comprising one adult couple and their offspring, which may be of various ages.

Lar gibbons are found in Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.

  • Deux gibbons à mains blanches se balançant à des cordes au parc animalier Le PAL
  • Gibbon à mains blanches suspendu à une corde au parc animalier Le PAL dans l'Allier
  • Gibbon à mains blanches suspendu à une corde au zoo Le PAL en Auvergne
  • Trois gibbons à mains blanches suspendus à des cordes au dessus de l'eau au parc animalier Le PAL

  • Habitat

    Rainforest and dry deciduous forest.

  • Food

    Leaves, shoots, buds, flowers, insects and even eggs. Birds caught in flight.

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Lar gibbon

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