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Only found in Madagascar

An excellent climber

The ring-tailed lemur is a social animal that lives in groups of between 12 and 24 individuals. These groups are based on a matriarchal hierarchy. The core of the group is the dominant female and her offspring, and one or even several dominant males. It may also include dominated females and their offspring, non-dominant males and juveniles.

Ring-tailed lemurs are only found on the island of Madagascar.

Ring-tailed lemurs have highly developed senses, in particular their vision and sense of smell. They spend around 65% of their time on the ground. Although they sometimes walk on two feet, they mainly get around on all fours. They are also excellent climbers and can leap up to 6 m from one branch to another. Ring-tailed lemurs always come together to move around or defend themselves. They love basking in the sun, seated with their arms stretched outwards facing the sun.

  • Habitat

    Dry deciduous forest, scrubland, savannah, canyons and mountainous regions only in Madagascar.

  • Food

    Leaves, bark, fruit, flowers, sap and occasionally insects.

Did you know ?

Male ring-tailed lemurs challenge one another with repulsive odours, whereby the animal able to release the most offensive smells wins the favours of the female.

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Ring-tailed lemur

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