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Originate from Asia and now bred in many countries

Famous for its spectacular tail

The blue peafowl is renowned for the tail fan produced by males to seduce females. The male displays bright blue and green colours, while the female is dull in colour, allowing her to nest discreetly. Both carry a distinctive crest of feathers on their head.

Blue peafowls originate from Pakistan and India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where they have almost disappeared. They are now bred in many countries, including in the United States, Africa and Europe.

Often seen in groups and sometimes alone, they look for food on the ground during the day, and at night time return to perch and sleep in their favourite tree, away from predators. They are sedentary birds with highly regimented routines, feeding in the same area each day and choosing the same locations to sleep and put on their displays. The blue peafowl is very common in captivity (where various mutations can be observed), but in the wild its numbers are steadily declining due to the loss of its habitat and predation from domestic dogs in the areas around villages, as well as natural predation from tigers and leopards).

  • Habitat

    Forest, riverbanks and clearings in south India.

  • Food

    Vegetation, seeds, fruit, insects and small invertebrates.

Did you know ?

It emits a well-known characteristic call. In its natural environment, this is used to warn other animals of the presence of a tiger or leopard.

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Blue peafowl

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