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An excellent ecological mower

A very good climber

The dwarf goat comes from the successive reproduction of small goats. Depending on the size obtained, several denominations exist:

  • the toy goat (35 to 40 cm high)
  • the dwarf goat (40 to 50 cm high)
  • the half-dwarf goat (height greater than 50 cm)

He's a pretty smart animal. She is very curious to discover what surrounds her. She is very playful and does not like to be alone, she is a very dynamic animal who likes to move a lot. The goat can sometimes demand a lot of affection just like a dog.

  • Gros plan sur une chèvre naine au parc Le PAL en Auvergne
  • Deux petites chèvres naines blanche et noire au zoo Le PAL dans l'Allier
  • Chèvre naine avec cornes au parc animalier Le PAL
  • Bébé chèvre naine et sa maman au zoo Le PAL dans l'Allier

  • Habitat

    It is mainly found on farms and as a pet.

  • Food

    It feeds mainly on grasses.

Dwarf goats make great pets and are great eco-friendly clippers.
Did you know ?

Dwarf goats make great pets and are great eco-friendly clippers.

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