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A very good layer

Feathers of a thousand colors

The Wyandotte hen or golden hen with a black border, is a lively, active and docile animal. This gallinaceous is ideal for laying and exhibitions. This pretty hen can have up to twenty different colors on the feathers, which makes her hardly recognizable to breeders. It has very yellow legs and a flat, curly crest.

The Wyandotte is a shy and discreet hen, if you want to approach her you will have to tame her. When this hen knows her visitors well, she turns out to be very friendly and easy-going, she makes a good pet for children.

The Wyandotte hen adapts very easily to its environment. Kind and fairly docile, she is just as happy to be raised in enclosures as in freedom. She is ultimately a hen who asks for little but gives a lot in return.

  • Habitat

    Originally from the United States, it was imported to Europe. It is mainly found on farms and in pets.

  • Food

    It feeds on cereals, insects, invertebrates and leaves.

Did you know ?

The original breed originated from the United States, it is the black-edged silver Wyandotte hen.

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Wyandotte hen

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