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The aristocrat

The independent hen

The Flèche hen is one of the oldest French breeds. Known since the 15th century, it is its flesh that has made it famous. Its aristocratic appearance and characteristic crest made it one of the most fashionable French breeds, at the time it occupied the Parisian markets and feasted on the tables of the most prestigious restaurants.

The Flèche hen likes to search the ground for grain to peck. It can fly at a distance of 2 meters to perch in trees. She is a lively hen who is not fond of human contact and will not let herself be tamed. It is not a hen who likes to brood and the chicks take a long time to reach maturity. It is nevertheless a resistant bird which continues to lay eggs even in winter.

  • Habitat

    It is mainly found on farms.

  • Food

    It feeds on cereals, insects, invertebrates and leaves.

Did you know ?

The color black is the most common. There are, however, white, cuckoo, Andalusian blue or pearl gray individuals.

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