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Bears, wolves and lynx ...

Put an end to bad reputations

For more than 20 years FERUS has been campaigning for the cohabitation between large predators and domestic herds. Since its creation, the association has implemented a policy of consultation and dialogue with breeders who recognize predators' right to live. FERUS is thus present on the ground in order to facilitate this coexistence.

Through its actions, FERUS has set itself the objectives of promoting:

  • the success of the wolf's natural return
  • maintaining and strengthening bear populations
  • the return and maintenance of lynx populations

The main actions of FERUS:

  • Field actions
  • Volunteer programs
  • Studies and implementation of innovative herd protection systems
  • Lobbying with elected officials, government and European bodies
  • Legal actions
  • Communication to the media
  • Public awareness with conferences, outings and activities
  • Demonstrations, petitions

The Le PAL Nature Foundation is helping to set up the program to support pastoralism in wolf areas called "Pastoraloup". This program based on eco-citizenship offers additional assistance to breeders and shepherds for the protection of their herds. In order to reduce the damage and vulnerability of domestic animals, it is for volunteers to strengthen the human presence with the livestock and participate in the various pastoral work required by the presence of the wolf.

Did you know ?

FERUS "what is wild" in Latin was born from the merger of ARTUS (association born in 1989 militant for the protection of the brown bear) and Groupe Loup France (association born in 1993 with the appearance of the first wolves on French territory).


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The Foundation supports and supports financially, technically and humanly projects which, in France and abroad, offer lasting solutions to respond to the threats facing biodiversity, and in particular endangered wildlife species and their habitat.

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