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A protected species

A well-known animal in our gardens

The European hedgehog experiences many setbacks, mainly due to human activities. The hedgehog enjoys full protection status by the decree of April 17, 1981, it is protected throughout the European Community: it is prohibited to destroy it, to transport it, to naturalize it, to put it on sale.

The massive dispersal of dense thickets, deforestation and crop pesticides have led hedgehogs to migrate to our gardens to find refuge. Unfortunately these do not constitute the expected tranquility. Besides the natural selection it faces (20% of babies die before leaving the nest), survivors die before reaching their first year. The young hedgehog that leaves the nest now has a life expectancy of less than 2 years. Only four in a thousand people reach the age of 10!

The Le PAL Nature Foundation has already organized, in partnership with the structure L’Envol and ATOUPIC, two hedgehog releases near the PAL. These events were an opportunity for Anne DUPUY to be able to tell about her experience and meet the members of the Flight who had made wooden huts specially designed to accommodate hedgehogs when they were released. Other such events should be scheduled. The Le PAL Nature Foundation also financed the deployment of the team, in particular for a development manager and a caregiver.

The Le PAL Nature Foundation helped finance the construction of an infirmary for the ATOUPIC association.
Did you know ?

The Le PAL Nature Foundation helped finance the construction of an infirmary for the ATOUPIC association.

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