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A key discovery

Let's save the Rafetus swinhoei

Turtle Sanctuary is an NGO that has been working since 2017 to protect terrestrial and aquatic turtles in South East Asia. She has just made a major discovery on their flagship program: that on Rafetus swinhoei. A species of giant soft-shelled turtle considered critically endangered or even extinct according to sources in the wild with only 2 males recorded in captivity. Three sites were identified as being predisposed to hosting this species after several interview missions and surveys with the local population and fishermen.

For the Rafetus swinhoei project, the Turtle Sanctuary team developed an innovative floating support for installing a trap camera with bait attachment. This device was set up using 3 cameras and made it possible to obtain a photo of a wild individual of Rafetus swinhoei. This major discovery led the association to increase the installation of camera traps to more precisely assess the density of the population on the first site, the presence or absence of the species on the two other sites which were selected and the importance of these 3 geographical sites for the conservation of this species.

The Le PAL Nature Foundation is actively engaged in the protection of sea turtles by supporting the Turtle Sanctuary Association in its conservation efforts. Thanks to our partnership, the Foundation is financing an essential initiative for the preservation of these emblematic species:

Purchase of 50 Camera Traps for the 3 Sites: To strengthen the monitoring and protection of sea turtles, the Foundation financed the purchase of 50 camera traps distributed across the three sites managed by the Turtle Sanctuary Association. These camera traps, equipped with motion and night vision sensors, make it possible to monitor the activities of sea turtles on nesting beaches without disturbing their natural habitat. Through these discreet but effective monitoring devices, the Association can collect valuable data on sea turtle nesting habits, monitor potential threats such as poaching and human disturbance, and implement appropriate conservation measures to protect these vulnerable species.

This financial support from the Foundation allows the Turtle Sanctuary Association to strengthen its monitoring and protection efforts for sea turtles, thus helping to ensure the preservation of these endangered species for future generations.

Based in France, Turtle Sanctuary is particularly established in Asia where threats weigh very heavily on biodiversity.
Did you know ?

Based in France, Turtle Sanctuary is particularly established in Asia where threats weigh very heavily on biodiversity.

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