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The Orphans' Sanctuary

Chimpanzee Paradise

Papaye International is an association that fights for the conservation of chimpanzees. It is in the heart of the Douala/Edéa Natural Park in Cameroon that you can meet this pretty family of chimpanzees. The actions of Papaye International are centered around three facets:

  • Rescue, protection and preservation against poaching more than widespread in the country.
  • Rehabilitation in a protected environment of injured, abandoned and sometimes even abused orphans.
  • Role of sensitizing local populations to the cause.

Once the little monkeys have been saved, head to the sanctuary for their rehabilitation in the wild. The association then offers you to sponsor the little orphan. The financial assistance that you provide to this new member of the family will ensure its protection and preservation. Papaye International, for its part, undertakes to share your son's adventures with you by email.

The Papaye International association benefits from the support of the Le PAL Nature Foundation for its extension project on the sanctuary, in particular:

  1. Creation of an enclosure on the sanctuary site: The Foundation is financing the creation of an enclosure which will be an extension of the quarantine building already erected on site in 2021. This enclosure will include a reinforced, high and electrified fence, as well as airlocks security and access tunnels to ensure the protection of the animals housed.
  2. Enclosure equipment: Equipment includes concrete posts, reinforced wire mesh, electrical wires, insulators, and self-operating power supply units with safety relays. These facilities guarantee the safety of the animals housed in the enclosure and contribute to their well-being.
The Papaye International family is made up of 33 chimpanzees saved by the association from abandonment, poaching, etc.
Did you know ?

The Papaye International family is made up of 33 chimpanzees saved by the association from abandonment, poaching, etc.

Papaye International

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