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Red, blue, green ...

Colorful programs

Created in 2005, this French NGO works for the conservation of endangered species by putting Man at the center of its actions. Indeed, AWELY works for the protection of certain emblematic species and natural environments while involving local populations and establishing solutions to help them develop in perfect harmony with the animals that surround them. Three types of programs have been created.

Red caps

The Red Caps work on human-animal conflict resolution programs and develop initiatives promoting their cohabitation.

These conflicts are prejudicial to the villagers as to the animals. They may be farmers whose fields or granaries have been destroyed by an elephant, and claiming its killing, or a herder poisoning a lion who attacked his cattle.

The red caps carry out research after each conflict. Once the data has been identified, specific and concrete actions aimed at improving human-animal cohabitation can be put in place. For example, the creation of alternative crops (not attracting herbivores) or training on how to better protect livestock and property.

Educational programs and communication materials are then created to be disseminated in the communities where these conflicts may take place.

Green caps

The Green Caps are focusing their efforts on improving the situation for an iconic endangered animal species.

Three programs are followed by the green caps :

  • in the Democratic Republic of Congo with bonobos
  • in southwest Nepal in favor of the tiger
  • in Cameroon for gorillas.

In all three cases, AWELY teams work as closely as possible with local populations to set up initiatives such as the creation of breeding microprograms, small local shops, or even training in micro-credits and even construction. of a school. The green caps have educational material illustrating all the messages.

It is thanks to numerous field missions that the teams evolve as closely as possible to the problems to be solved, and, with the villagers, prepare initiatives leading to greater autonomy, and to the reduction of pressure on ecosystems and wildlife.

Blue caps

The Blue Caps work on the protection or regeneration of an ecosystem.

Discover the actions of the Le PAL Nature Foundation with the Awely association.

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